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We Deliver Delicious Raw Milk & 100% Grass-Fed Meats

Food grown the way it's meant to be.

Purchasing Raw Milk in VA Has Never Been Easier 

Nutrient-dense, grass-fed raw milk, meats, seasonal produce, and great tasting food is available Every. Single. Week. 

Our Amish family farm believes in eating for health and vitality. Deliciousness naturally comes with the food.

- Raised humanely on pasture on the rolling hills of Lancaster County, PA

- 100% grass-fed cow milk, milk & chemical-free corn-fed pork, and grass-fed/finished beef

- 100% genetically tested A2/A2 cow milk and dairy products available

- Zero GMOs, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, or hormones

- Organic and naturally sourced ingredients

The next generation of healthy children starts with you and us and it's remarkably delicious!

How It Works

Get A CARE Membership

Our farmer abides by CARE's strict farming standards, i.e., no chemicals used on his farm and no hormones, antibiotics, drugs or GMOs given to his animals. His herd of Jersey-breed cows is also completely grassfed. 
Click CARE AGREEMENT to join and start ordering! Annual dues are only $20.

Start Shopping

Once we receive your CARE agreement, Please add the CARE dues to your first order after you create your account. Then...start shopping!

We recommend starting with our Dairy Products or Bundles. 😃

Pick Up & Enjoy

Welcome new member! Pick ups are on every Tuesday, choose the best location for you as we cannot wait to send you your first order! You'll be amazed at how delicious and nutritious this food is for you and your family!

What Our Customers Think

Wholesome food we trust.
I love The milk!
Holly L.
I love the nutritious, unadulterated, fresh, delicious food,
The farm's food is fresh, delicious and raw.
N. G.
The fact that it's organic and pastured food! Where else can you get this type of yumminess?! Not even your local farmers market can give you this. Just ask them.
I love that they are reliable and that I can feel confident that I am getting nutrient dense food. I am so grateful to know that farmer who produces my food!
I love the wonderful, yummy, nutritious, nutrient-dense food!!
The nutritious food 🥰
Katelynn Joy
Amazing Delicious Food delivered to me, in my hometown every week!!! The farmer is kind and helpful. This has been a blessing to me for several years - since 2008.
L Thompson
I love that it is family owned.
I love that this farm provides high quality organic food from the farm, not from anonymous places.
I get access to raw milk.
I love their good raw milk.
I love the food - especially pork chops!
I love the high quality organic raw dairy products from happy cows who eat grass 😊 and Barbie’s letters every week!
I love knowing where our awesome food comes from.
Quality of food products is excellent. Also love that we can get raw dairy.

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