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Cheerfulness and Kindness

April 17, 2020



is the oil that takes the friction out of life. Wow - Barbie sure knows how to hit those heart strings. But what she tells us is so true. A simple act of kindness can dissolve so much hurt, pain, sorrow, anger and frustration. We can do anything when we act on kindness. 

What acts of kindness have you seen in your neighborhood, at work, or at home? My apartment complex has been so generous to its residents. Over the past several weeks they have sent over free pizza, bagels, and cinnamon rolls to any apartment who wanted it. They have also put on many virtual events to keep everyone's spirits up like bingo and karaoke. 

I have been thinking of what I can do to bring some fun and entertainment to my friends and family, so I decided to plan a Marvel Movie Night via Zoom! We'll have themed food and drinks and be able to watch our favorite Marvel Universe movie together.

Barbie reminds us to stay healthy and in good cheer, despite these troubling times. It is so easy to fall into a depression but remember that there is much to be thankful for.  Like these cheerful updates from the Farmer's Daughter!


Price Changes and Specials

**SPECIAL OF THE WEEK** Water Kefir @$5.50/quart - Very good and nourishing with heaps of benefits!!

OUT OF STOCK DAIRY - Havarti Cheese

If you like sharp cheeses, Monterey Jack cheese is available at $4.00/lb for any size block (8 oz., 20 oz., or 5 lb.)

OUT OF STOCK BEEF - Skirt Steak, Bone-in Chuck Roast, Turkey Breast, London Broil, Beef Liver

Short Ribs are $5.95/lb

***NEW*** Lemon Greek Yogurt! Made with maple syrup, lemon juice, lemon and citrus essential oils - $4.00/pint and $7.50/quart (call in to the farm to add to your order)

Jaime Sanders
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