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Easter Greetings

April 10, 2020

Springtime is Here

Birds are singing, the grass is green, and all of God's creatures are revelling in the rebirth of nature. This is also a time to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus as Easter Sunday is only a few days away. This is a victorious time as he arose from the tomb to ascend into heaven to sit at the right hand of God. As we are all homebound this holiday, let us all use this time to create new and special memories with our families.

  1. So much is happening on the farm! Here's a quick rundown on the deets shared by Barbie this week.
  2. The cows have been enjoying the lush, green grass daily! The started out on grass for a few hours on the 1st but will soon be out on it day and night. Their systems need to adapt to the change so slow and steady will suffice for now.
  3. Captain, the farm dog, is getting a lot of exercise. He follows Isaac everywhere - the fields, mending fences, bringing in the cows. Wherever Isaac goes Captain will be sure to tag along.
  4. The portable chicken hen received a makeover and has a new shiny white cover and tightly closed ends. The chickens are pretty eager to get out into the meadow and cause some trouble!
  5. Goat and sheep products are being offered in the store thanks to Barbie's brother in New Freedom, PA. He's been milking sheep and goats and providing yummy nutrient dense products like sheep yogurt and kefir (2X the nutrients as cow's milk!).

Farmers Defend Against Coronavirus


Combating and avoiding COVID-19 all starts with having a healthy immune system and farmers can help you achieve just that! John shares an article from one of his weekly farm magazines on the importance of incorporating dairy into your diet to sustain a healthy ecosystem in your gut. Milk provides probiotics, Vitamin D, and immunoglobulin which boosts the immune system keeping you healthy and avoiding illness. And don't forget to eat your meat! Red meats rich in zinc, such as organ meats, which is found in cold and flu medicines. Homemade remedies like chicken soup, which uses the bones to make the broth, provides nutrients rich in collagen and chondroitin. Vitamin C, essential in bone and blood vessel health, can be found in cauliflower, cantaloupe, yellow peppers, citrus, broccoli, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables.

Aren't you grateful for the 100% grass-fed milk and beef our farmer provides us especially during this unprecedented time?


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