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February is Heart Month

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day


Today is such a beautifully sunny day. It may be brisk but the sun sure feels good on my face. How do you plan on celebrating the ones you love? How about a lovely pink, red, and white dinner with your family? Or maybe reaching out to a friend and telling them you love them today? However you choose to spread love today, be sure to do it with a smile! Be nice to your neighbors and greet them with love in your heart!


As Barbie writes her newsletter this week, she reflects on mornings on the farm and the birds that sing with the sun's rising. Whether the sky is blue or grey, the birds still awake with song - roosters crowing, feathered friends are tweeting, and geese honking as they fly overhead. What a beautiful way to wake up each day! It is so nice to hear of life on the farm through the words of our dear Barbie. Her writing really helps us put things into perspective and appreciate the small things and each other.

This Week's Special...

is ghee! A member asked if ghee was A2, however, fats do not contain A2. In fact, very little is found in butter and none in ghee. Ghee is butter-like but smells even better! Use it to your heart's content with pints at just $13.50.

What are the health benefits of cow ghee?


Sounds good, huh? Order a pint or two today!


Next week's Freezer Pleaser will contain 2 packs of pork chops and 2 packs of sausage instead of 4 packs of sausage.

The Farmer's Daughter wishes you all a "Fantastic" month of February filled with  wonderful surprises and good memories. Remember to be a blessing!
Jaime Sanders
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