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Know What You Eat

March 4, 2020

Fast Food vs. Nutrient-Dense Food

Do you know how much fast food impacts most people's lives? With restaurant chains on every corner offering inexpensive options and convenience, it's easy to see why they have become such giants.

  • There are 31,000 McDonald's in 120 countries
  • Americans eat approximately 13 billion hamburgers every year
  • The typical American eats 49 pounds of fresh potatoes and about 30 pounds of French fries
  • The typical American drinks about 52 gallons of soda every year

Where is this fast food coming from and what are they eating? Beef no longer comes from ranches, but from slaughterhouses and feedlots, with some holding up to 100,000 cattle. A steer can eat almost 3,000 pounds of grain to gain 400 pounds in weight. It's no better for chickens, which are raised in chicken houses. They live for only six weeks and never get to go outside. Their feed is old pretzels and cookies covered in a layer of fat. Leftover waste from cattle and/or chicken slaughterhouses are sometimes added to to chicken feed.

The food you have been ordering, cooking with and eating from Green Hills NOVA is the exact opposite. You know the source of your food, what it is being fed, the type of life the animals live and that they spend plenty of time in the outdoors, and everything you purchase comes from a place of love, wellness, and faith. That's something to be excited about! With springtime here, soon there will be green grass for the cows to munch on and rich, yellow milk to make bodybuilding milk drinks, yogurt and all the yummy milk-based nutrient-dense food you love!

Swirling into Spring


Have you noticed the sun peeking out earlier each morning? It's such a glorious sight to take in - watching the dark blue sky give way to lighter shades with purple, orange, and yellow hues popping in some days. If it feels this way to me in Fredericksburg, I can only imagine how it looks on the farm with the accompaniment of birdsong. Being awake when the sun rises makes my mind feel clearer and brighter. Try to start each day with one good intention - even if it is as simple as remembering to smile. Then maybe, each day can be remembered with good memories.

With springtime in the air comes the time to start enjoying more ice cream! The vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream has a new recipe and it's our special this week - coming at you at just $7.00/quart! What's in the ice cream you say?

  • Raw cream
  • Raw milk
  • Heated milk
  • Maple syrup
  • Cooked eggs yolks
  • Organic corn starch
  • Real salt

Super lip-smacking yumminess for the whole family!

Thank you for your orders and for being members of the Green Hills NOVA family!



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