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Hey there! 

We're so happy you have found Green Hills Nova Farm!

We are accepting new orders.  Please complete the Membership Inquiry form below to begin the membership process!

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We are a private food-coop here in northern Virginia. All Green Hills Nova inquiries to order from our farm MUST complete the new membership process to place an order. Our farmer wants to ensure you receive the best quality food for you and your family. The membership includes details that ensure our farmer uses NO:

Toxic Fertilizers
Growth Hormones

Our membership process ensures that the farmer abides by these high standards and you agree to allow the farmer to provide such goods to you and your family if you choose. 

More details are explained by our New Membership Coordinator, Julie. To start your membership, please fill out the following MEMBERSHIP INQUIRY FORM and our coordinator will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours to answer any of your questions and put you next in line to order! 

Have more questions?  Please visit our FAQ page.

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