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Double Chocolate Coconut Butter Cookies
Double Chocolate Coconut Butter Cookies are Paleo and GAPS and terrifically chocolatey with a lovely texture! You’ll want to serve these whenever a great grain-free cookie is needed: for the holidays, in lunches, for friends and family. If you can’t do a lot of cocoa, there’s an alternative to use part carob.
Tart Apple Turkey Burger
Gluten-Free Burgers that use Coconut Flour as a binder.
Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
Do you love pumpkin pie but don’t want more grains in your life, or maybe you’re too busy to mess with making a pie crust? This pumpkin pie ice cream is just the thing for you! It’s super simple, too. Our five year old woke up yesterday and said, “Mom, can you make me pumpkin pie? No wait! I want pumpkin pie ice cream!” I figured I could tweak my homemade vanilla ice cream recipe easy enough, and so it began. It turned out DREAMY-LICIOUS I tell ya.
Easy Gravy
It pays to have an easy gravy recipe in your repertoire – and not just for Thanksgiving! This gravy recipe contains just six ingredients and provides a nice depth of flavor because of the caramelized onions and homemade chicken stock. You can serve it with turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes, or anything else you like to accompany with gravy.
Dehydrated Beet Snacks
This is a quirky, different snack, but tasty and healthy!
Brined Turkey
When Thanksgiving approaches, there's no shortage of discussions about the best way to roast a turkey because a dry one is a big disappointment. Time and time again, brining comes up as a key way to help ensure a juicier, tastier holiday turkey. Water, salt, garlic, and herbs make up this quick turkey brine for a 12 -to 15-pound bird.
Sour Cream Garlic Sauce
This sauce is really, really versatile. It can be used as a gravy for baked turkey, grilled chicken or even fish, or it can be poured over pasta, casseroles (think enchiladas), or drizzled over potatoes for a wonderful side dish.
Easy Short Ribs
Take your beef short ribs right from the freezer (if you want) and cook for dinner! Simple, though not fast, this is a no-fuss recipe for when you don't want to spend a lot of time preparing, but have plenty of time to let it cook.
Lacto-Fermented Beer Thyme Grainy Mustard
Tangy and packed full of flavor, this homemade mustard recipe blends the flavors of beer, thyme and onion with whole-grain mustard for a flavorful zip and zing to any sandwich, burger or recipe. (Makes about 2 cups)
Sweet and Spicy Homemade BBQ Sauce
This barbecue sauce is very tasty and can spice up any meal without leaving any sort of nasty aftertaste or upset stomach like commercial sauces sometimes do. Additionally, you can gain all of the healing benefit of bovine gelatin from it's homemade broth base. Best if used in 1 to 2 weeks. From https://www.radiantlifecatalog.com/blog/bid/60901/Sweet-and-Spicy-Homemade-Barbecue-Sauce-Nutrient-Dense-Foods
Cranberry Sauce
About this time of year, the bags of fresh cranberries appear - ready to be made into sweet and tart cranberry sauce. Here is a sugar-free version. Adapt with your own favorite sweetener!
Roasted Balsamic Beets
Roasted, glazed beets, served hot or cold - a delicious and versatile dish for an autumn meal. Shared by J. Harry.
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