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Shop our online store, where beyond organic standards meet health-conscious families. Green Hills Nova farm offers a stunning variety of family foundation foods you can feel good about feeding your family for generations to come. Our family consciously raises and makes sustainable products that contain NO pesticides, NO chemicals, NO artificial growth hormones, nor GMO's. Adhering to the wisdom shared by the Weston A. Price Foundation, we share these foods with you. Each order is packed on our farm and delivered to our Site Hosts in Northen & Central VA (choose your favorite spot!). Explore our store and fill your bellies as we wish you many blessings and remarkable health. 

In His Grace, Green Hills Nova by the Esh Family. 

Your Voice Matters!

The fact that it's organic and pastured food! Where else can you get this type of yumminess?! Not even your local farmers market can give you this. Just ask them.
I love that they are reliable and that I can feel confident that I am getting nutrient dense food. I am so grateful to know the farmer who produces my food!
Amazing delicious food is delivered to me in my hometown every week!!! The farmer is kind and helpful. This has been a blessing for me for several years - since 2008!
L. Thompson
I love that this farm provides high-quality, organic food from the farm, not from anonymous places.
I love their good, raw milk!
I love that is it family-owned!

The "Farmacey" News

March 25, 2020
During these trying times, it is important to stay safe and healthy. Farmer John reminds us of the immunity-building properties of raw milk especially now with the coronavirus spreading. Barbie also reminds us to stay joyful and suggests making new memories while being at home.
March 11, 2020
Did someone say pizza? You heard right, the farm now offers homemade sourdough pizza! Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine sure is!