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Build Up Immunity with Milk

March 25, 2020

Raw Milk is Good For Your Health


There have been many debates about which diet provides the best nutrition for our bodies. Milk has been one of those foods in the center of the debate - is it good for you or not? Dr. Frank Oski, Chairman of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, says milk consumption is the cause for ear infections, asthma, eczema and constipation in children in his book Don't Drink Your Milk written in the 1980s. However, a series of experiments done by Dr. Frances Pottenger in the 1940s showed a stark difference between consuming pasteurized and raw milk. Cats that were fed pasteurized milk developed acute illnesses such as diarrhea and vomiting and succumbed to degenerative diseases. Cats who were given raw milk were healthy and lived long and active lives free from degenerative disease.

Raw milk is a living foodWhen milk is heated many of its qualities are lost, such as:

  • Colloidal minerals
  • Enzymes needed for the absorption and utilization of sugars and fats in the milk
  • Beneficial bacteria and lactic acids which allow the bacteria to implant in the intestines

Be sure to read more about the uses of raw milk in the article shared by Farmer John below


Staying In & Healthy Snacking


Being cooped up at home these past few weeks can be quite challenging. Everyone's lives have been disrupted in some way due to COVID-19. We are all being mindful of the spread of this virus and doing our best to practice social distancing and proper hygiene. Since we are spending more time with our family, it's a great time to be creative and make new memories! Snacks are also an important part of the day and healthy ones are even better to share with loved ones.

Beef sticks are $10.25/pound this week! Stock up on your next order for the coming weeks. They keep very well in the freezer! 

Now available every week are - BAKED GOODS!!!! These tasty morsels are healthy, delicious and make for a super quick snack or dessert. Check out the new prices in the bakery now!

And for all of our hand-washing needs, soaps are back in stock! Choose from Milk & Mint, Orange & Cinnamon, or Sleep Time (w/Lavender) - all priced at $5.50 per bar. 

Remember to wash hands for 20 seconds and avoid touching your face. Sneeze and/or cough into a tissue or inside of your elbow. Use that hand sanitizer before and after picking up your orders and wait your turn if someone is there before you. Looking for a DIY hand sanitizer? Healthline has a good recipe to keep handy if you're unable to find the pre-made stuff in the store.


Product Updates

Out of Stock - Rump roast, hot dogs, beef patties, fermented garlic dill pickles (pint), fermented bread & butter pickles (pint/quart)

Ingredient Update - Ice cream is made with arrowroot instead of cornstarch

Please continue to stay safe during these trying times! As a precaution, the farm has started using new egg cartons instead of reusing old ones to avoid the possible spread of the coronavirus. This will continue for the next couple of weeks.

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